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Electricals Electronics Enterprise, Chennai
Electricals Electronics Enterprise, Chennai
Parrys, Tamil Nadu
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Our Products

Lutron D-6054Yes! I am interested
We manufacture LUTRON D-6054 which is one of the best digital AC leakage current testers available that can matches with the international standers. LUTRON D-6054 can be used to detect a wide range of AC leakage currents.

We have manufactured LUTRON D-6054 using the best quality material which makes it more reliable. LUTRON D-6054 is designed in such a way that it’s been used in a wide range of application in different industries. Some of the product features are listed below:

Product features:

•    Three AC current ranges: 400mA/20A/200A.
•    Ac Ma Measurement & Leakage Measurement available.

Lutron Sl-4013 Sound Level DetectorYes! I am interested
We the manufactures of SL-4013 model of LUTRON ensure that the sound level detector is an easy to operate device with provisions of setting the measuring mode to auto or manual.

It has a computerized RS 232 interface which ensures that readings would not be measured incorrectly even if the level or loudness of the sound is too low or if its pitch is low.

Product features:

•    Possible to save read data in the device’s memory.
•    In case system enlargement is required it can done with the AC output.
•    It comes with external VR calibration.

Lutron Sl-4010 Sound Level MeterYes! I am interested
We are the manufacturers and suppliers of the digital sound level meter LUTRON SL 4010 having large LCD display and it can be read easily. The meter has the characteristic of “A” frequency weighting network and it is capable of meeting IEC 651 type 2. In this meter VR is obtainable for easier calibration. For long term stability and high accuracy it has condenser microphone.


•    The meter is cost effective
•    Longer period of durability
•    Detailed manual for operating system

HiHI 98127 & HI 98128 PHEP ater Proof PH MeterYes! I am interested
We are manufacturers of world class waterproof portable PH meters that are widely acknowledged to deliver even under most critical conditions spelling success for your ventures. The product has been tested across wide range of applications and has been designed with state of the art technology.

We take pride in our prompt delivery, competitive price and quick response even after sales which speak volumes about our efficient services.


•    Stainless steel temperature probe for faster and more precise temperature measurement and auto-compensation
•    Replaceable pH Electrode Featuring an extendable Junction
•    Dual Level Display exhibiting pH & Temp

HI 8424 Water Proof PH MeterYes! I am interested
We take pride in catering to our customer needs by delivery reliable proof meter whose applicability has been enhanced by its light weight, water resistance and durable casing.
The unwavering loyalty commanded by our product line from an elite customer list speaks tons of our commitment to provide you with the best in the industry.


•    Streamlined, lightweight design for high functionality
•    Advanced, custom microprocessor to measure pH, temperature and ORP
•    3 standard buffer values and error proof automatic buffer recognition

HI pH-211Yes! I am interested
HI pH-211 is a unique innovation driven product that by virtue of its superior engineering model finds wide acceptance in industrial applications as well as quality control laboratories. A range of novel features incorporated tend to eliminate calibration errors and make user’s life easy by providing structured instruction in clear display.

The unit is durable, reliable and highly accurate. It is widely acclaimed internationally.


•    Self Calibration
•    Five Standard Buffers
•    Concurrent viewing of pH and temperature provided
•    Expanded m V Range
•    Dual mode Temperature Compensation

HANNA HI 207 208 All In One Ph MetersYes! I am interested
Optimize Space In Busy CClassrooms

HI 207 and 208 are all-in-one pH meters designed to meet classroom enviroments with features such as a buili-in beaker holder,beaker-top electrode holder and 2-in-1 pH and temperature sensor.These instruments also feature an extendad pH range,dual-level LCD with Icons for stablitily and buffer recognition,automatic pH calibration with 2 sets of memorized buffers and temperature display in either celsius or Fahrenheit.In Addition all readings are automatically compensated for temperature variations.In the classroom,these compact Units reduce clutter and utilize a minimal amount of space on the desktop.Switch to Battery power and the instrument can be taken outside the classroom  for field studies.THe units'small  footprint enables them to be used in places usually not suitable for large,multi-unit set-ups.When lab time is Over,the Instruments are easily cleaned  and can be placed out of the way-right away.HI 207 and HI 208 operate with the supplied 12 VDC adapter or Batteries.
Welcome to

Electricals Electronics Enterprise, Chennai

We are one of the leading names in the field of offering testing and measuring instruments. Backed by more than 3 decades of industry experience, we offer our expertise as well as knowledge to our customers that has been accumulated over 30 years of working, dealing as well as servicing of Testing & Measuring instruments.

Here, our expertise lies in catering to the needs of all major Government, Semi Government, Private as well as Public sector units. This includes Telecom, Power Generation, Iron & steel sectors. Further, we also deal in all major brands like WACO, MECO, LUTRON, CHY, CIE, MOTWANE, KUSAM MECO, RISHAB, FLUKE, METRAVI, KEW, VKE, RAYTEK. Here, we assure our customers of high quality and competitive prices as well as prompt delivery and quick response in terms of after sales services. Further, our expertise also lies in undertaking calibration of instruments which are in line with national standards.

Here, our expertise also lies in offering our quality conscious customers servicing and repair facilities. Through this website, we bring to our customers latest developments in field of Testing and measuring instruments.

As we regularly update our website, kindly keep visiting us so that you are updated regarding greater variety of Instruments. Here, our Product of month section gets updated on 1st of every month that provides you knowledge about latest products coming to India as well as also a reminder of fast moving products that is useful in most Manufacturing Units.

We request our customers to please send their enquiry pertaining to our line of Business and we assure them for most competitive prices and efficient services.


Electricals Electronics Enterprise, ChennaiElectricals Electronics Enterprise, Chennai



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Electricals Electronics Enterprise, Chennai
Abhay Bhansali  (Proprietor)
No. 172, Thambu Chetty Street, Parrys
Chennai - 600001 , Tamil Nadu , India
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